The Iraqi summary in 2021

The year 2021 passed on Iraq like it was from the lean years that the country lived through for decades, and the country witnessed during this year many important events, perhaps the most prominent of which was the holding of the early legislative elections that the Al-Kazemi government promised to hold on time, which produced some new political forces and most likely will be the nucleus of The opposition in the next parliament, in addition to increasing the seats of blocs at the expense of other blocs, which prompted the direction of new alliances and understandings despite the parties’ attempt to keep the old presidencies unchanged based on understandings between the blocs on utilitarian bases that are not in the interest of the country and the citizen and keep the state of utilitarian chaos experienced by the country And the Iraqi citizen pays and pays its price, which continues until the moment, and we also see the deepening of the basic problems that the country suffers from, and the most important files are security, economy and services

On the security level, the least it can be said is that it is liable to collapse at any moment, as we saw the drones hitting the heart of the Green Zone, and as usual, the perpetrator was not held accountable so that the weakening of the state continues in the eyes of the citizen, and ISIS gangs roam around and kill our children in cold blood in a country where the security and defense budget is very large It contains more general ranks than the number of generals in the US Army itself, with our pride in the country’s military and security institutions. In the previous year, the government’s marginalization of the families of the martyrs and wounded who fell in defense of the country also continued, and we witnessed real injustice and recklessness in addressing their issues. As for the deteriorating reality of services, the citizen only touched what was implemented for the purpose of electoral propaganda and public gain, and most of it went to the winds of poor implementation and corruption. Prevalent in all parts of the state and at the economic level, the devaluation of the dinar against the US dollar came with an increase in the prices of all products, which burdened the budget of the Iraqi citizen while continuing to destroy the rest of the national industry and agriculture. In conclusion, the people’s desire for a government that truly holds the corrupt accountable and lays out a plan for economic revival, the development of the industrial and agricultural sectors, and the advancement of the educational and health reality, which have reached rock-bottom in its climax, and here we are watching the young Mutassim in the squares form and still constitute a case of the birth of a new awareness of the Iraqi citizen, awareness of the need to remedy what is It happens very quickly before reaching the point of no return. The question remains, how can we obtain a real government that represents all sectors of the people and is not based on partisan, sectarian or militia foundations whose main concern is material benefit and control over the country’s resources, and when someone who comes to a position of power understands that he is an employee of the The Iraqi people are paid for that and the people are the decision makers!!!????

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