The region and the world “the next stage”


The region and the world “the next stage”

It is no secret to the honorable reader that our region in particular and many regions in the world in general, even if the media does not shed light on it, are going through a period of great change that will result in a new reality different from what it was in previous decades. The year 2024 has begun and the world is witnessing many wars, conflicts and major economic dilemmas. , which appeared last year and which will appear this year, and attempts to form large international alliances based on the principle that my enemy’s enemy is my friend. This theory often fails due to its lack of harmony between the components of the alliance.

Below we pose a group of questions that we leave to the honorable reader to think about and answer:

1- What would happen if the doors of voluntary immigration were opened for Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and then in the West Bank in light of the bad humanitarian conditions that the Palestinian interior is going through and the area of confrontation expanded to include the West Bank and Ramallah as well? Will we witness a new Nakba that is greater than the previous one? Will we witness a new reality inside Palestine and neighboring countries that will be imposed because of this migration???

2- What if the situation develops in the Red Sea, specifically in the Bab al-Mandeb Strait, and leads to the cessation of commercial movement through it, without mentioning whether the matter is artificial or not artificial? What is the extent of its impact on the countries concerned and the extent of its impact on the difficult economic reality of the countries concerned?
Finally, what is the extent of its impact on the Western military buildup already taking place in the region?

3-What if the conflict develops and the Strait of Hormuz, which is under Iranian control, is closed??? Returning to the second question, will the region really be Between the hammer and the anvil?

4- Will Iran declare itself a nuclear power, and will the current ambiguous situation and the changes occurring be exploited to reveal this matter so that dots are drawn, especially since the Iranian nuclear file has been absent from the media for more than a year?

5- Will the Iranian forces opposing the regime be able to coordinate their movements to open several internal fronts at the same time?

6- If we look at the assassination operations inside Iran in terms of their quality and professional method of implementation and planning of operations, what is the extent of the security penetration inside Iran and what is the true effectiveness of the Iranian security services? Did these breakthroughs predict the existence of actual movements to impose a new reality on the Iranian scene??

7- Are the countries of the region capable of engaging in a real war in light of the difficult economic, political and military conditions that most of these countries are going through, and in light of some of these countries achieving gains that they could lose in the event of a war breaking out in the region?

8- Some countries in the region are going through a bad economic situation that portends a real catastrophe. Will they be able to continue, especially since these countries are real human and military pillars in the region??

9- Where is Iraq headed in light of the “deliberate” presence of a corrupt political class, militias that share and plunder the country’s resources, widespread administrative corruption in the joints of the state, and resonant anti-corruption and corrupt slogans launched by the paid media, and we have not seen a single real corrupt person brought to trial or held accountable?
What is the interpretation of the honorable reader for the appearance of the leader of a formation that is supposed to be under the authority of the state and who speaks disparagingly of the army and members of the armed forces!?
Will the strategic projects launched by the government see the light or will they be similar to the previous ones?

10- What if conditions were created to implement the law of self-determination for many areas in several countries in the region, would we witness a completely new Middle East?

11- What will be the reality of agricultural and livestock wealth in Egypt after the completion of filling the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam and in light of the terrifying economic situation that Egypt is currently experiencing?

12- Where is the situation in Sudan heading in light of the current conflict over power, which has exhausted what remains of the country in light of the tragic situation? and It is worth noting that there is a recent supply of weapons to both sides of the conflict in Sudan to ensure the continuation of this conflict

13- What will the conditions be in the countries of southwest Africa in light of the threats of new terrorist organizations migrating to the brown continent and their reception by incubators prepared in advance there??

14- What is the meaning of striking previously destroyed sites at Hodeidah Airport in the military strike of the Guardian of Prosperity coalition, which is completely questionable?

15- The various security companies, noting their large numbers and frequent recruitment of individuals in several countries, what is their real purpose?

16- What are the implications of the Iranian bombing on Erbil and Pakistan?
Will this be the beginning of the spark for a frank confrontation?

17- Will the Taliban enter the confrontation line with Iran, which is considered one of the worst nightmares of the Iranian Republic??

18- What is the honorable reader’s opinion about the difference in response between Pakistan and Iraq to the Iranian strikes?

19- What will be the fate of Lebanon in general and the south in particular if Israel insists on opening this front?

20- In conclusion, how long will the Sunni puppets participating in the political process continue trying to live the leadership complex?

God knows best the intent.

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