Summary of the Iraqi situation “Iraqi elections”


The country is witnessing these days a state of charged calm, if the description is correct, due to the complex stage that Iraq is expected to go through in the midst of an electoral conflict that is considered the most dangerous since 2003, due to several factors, the most important of which are:

• The absence of a bloc that will be able to win a large number of seats compared to the previous elections, due to the emergence of new forces on the scene, or rather the growth of forces that existed previously, but they were not a major player in the elections, either because they fell under the misleading of other forces or because they were not strong enough in previous years.

• The difficulty of forming alliances that reach a quorum to form a government, and the reason here is the same thing that was mentioned previously, in addition to the emergence of new ambitions among certain forces on the ground that believe that they have the right to monopolize power in the country.

• The transition of electoral competition from the main components (Sunni Shiites and Kurds) to a competition that threatens to fight between the same component, whether Shiites, Sunnis or Kurds. The signs of this fighting are actually present on the ground and of course different in terms of the strength of the component itself.

• Participation in the elections will not be at the required level in terms of the number of participants, and of course, all previous elections did not witness a real participation rate
Especially since a large number of the population is still languishing in the camps of the displaced and refugees, not to mention the forcibly disappeared and those in prisons without charges being brought against them. All of these factors would limit the participation rate. It is also worth noting the reluctance of a large proportion of the youth participating in the October demonstrations and demands for reform from Participation in these elections, as it has become a broken record that worth nothing instead of its ability to change the current situation of the country.

• And in the event that the government manages to pass with the elections, it is expected that 50% of the current members of Parliament will change with new young members, whether from the same party or the list or from new independent lists and parties, in fact, affiliated with larger party umbrellas, but in an attempt to attract the citizen, especially the youth towards Participate in the vote.

• In conclusion, the vote buying process is still going on and starts from 50 thousand Iraqi dinars (35 US dollars) to 100 thousand Iraqi dinars (70 US dollars).

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