The tensions between the security and military services and some factions of the “Popular Mobilization”


By the name of Allah the Merciful

Tension emerged between the Iraqi security and military services and most of the “Popular Mobilization” factions after the formation of the “Popular Mobilization”,
especially after identifying the Sunni areas occupied by the terrorist organization ISIS, and Qassem Soleimani had the greatest impact as he was the
main reason for supporting and strengthening the “Popular Mobilization”- especially the pro-Iranian factions. – And his unlimited support for them, as it became
clear that many of these factions loyal to Iran began to act in a way that shows the extent of its power that exceeds its presence in Iraq and worked during
the past period to weaken successive governments, and one of the causes of tension, which became clear, is the desire and ambition of the “Popular Mobilization”
factions to control Many of the institutions and ministries in the country, which is the natural thing for any force that appears on the surface in the size in which the
“Popular Mobilization” appeared.
It must be noted that one of the causes of tension between the security services and the mobilization factions is the indifference of these factions
to the military and security services in all respects, demonstrating their desire and ambition to neutralize the role of the security services and work
to insult and underestimate them, a matter that the security establishment itself bears a large part of the responsibility for.
Also, one of the most important causes of tension, without a doubt, is the Iranian tendency, led by the Revolutionary Guards and its intelligence services,
to strike and reduce the prestige of the security and military establishment, exploiting weaknesses and directly threatening a large number of its leaders,
which negatively affected the relationship and increased tension between the security establishment and many factions of the “Popular Mobilization”.
It is important here to mention that many members of political parties are in important positions in the security and military authorities,
and because of their non-national orientations and indifference to the interests of the country and citizens, which led to the destabilization
of the citizen’s confidence in these institutions, especially what we saw of repression and assault on the demonstrators
And the arrest of young people who demand their most basic rights, which has created divisions in the military and security establishment between
a supporter of the assassinations and attacks on demonstrators and an opponent who considers that what is happening is a deviation in the functions
of the institution and the downfall of this institution.
We point out that one of the causes of tension is the weakness of successive governments and their inability to deter and control the clear abuses
of these factions and their insult to government and state references from the President of the Republic, the Speaker of Parliament and the Prime Minister.

These factions and political parties, especially those loyal to Iran, are trying to drag the country into a real conflict with ominous consequences.
One of the results of these abuses and tension was the emergence of a state of international and Arab support for the Al-Kazemi government,
especially in the recent crisis, which will not give results in the required form as we used to before!!

In fact, one of the most important reasons for what is happening in the country today is the failed administration of successive governments for two decades,
backed by their corrupt political parties, which brought the country to a state of actual existential threat.


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