Everyone knows what happened in 2014, the occupation of ISIS with combat detachments a third of the area of ​​Iraq and the collapse of the military sectors in front of them after the escape of the senior leaders and leaving their fighters as sacrifices to ISIS. the blood of our children was shed in front of the cameras lenses, for example what happened from a shameful crime against a group of students of the Air Force College in Camp Speicher and their number Approximately 1700 students were executed in cold blood by a perverted group disguised in the cloak of the true Islamic religion, what happened to the crime against our sectors in Saqlawiyah, and how they pledged allegiance to ISIS by their leaders and entered into a deadly ambush, and we witnessed trials and accusations of certain names of carrying out this crime, but the most important and eternal is the trial of the perpetrators of entering ISIS And its control over a third of the area of ​​Iraq in light of the systematic collapse of sectors of the Iraqi army, security forces and the escape of military leaders in a disgraceful manner leaving Iraqi soldiers facing field execution gangs from ISIS without power and strength to meet this painful fate. We did not see a clear and fair trial and accountability for those responsible for what happened in 2014 from Neutral point of view, it indicates the involvement of influential Iraqi political parties to implement certain agendas to enter the country with this For the new curve of chaos to achieve political gains and specific regional pressure papers. for how long will Iraqi blood continue to be shed for these political interests and specific agendas and exploiting it to inflame the Iraqi street, feed sectarianism, regionalism tribalism, and distract the Iraqi street burdened with a long history of wars, economic siege, occupation and its consequences from thinking about building a future for them and their children and making trials for those whom caused this destruction and the number of martyrs, orphans and widows in the country.

The strange sad but hilarious thing about this matter, it is the policies of the state and its abhorrent parties in dealing with the fundamental issues that affect the Iraqi citizen in particular, for example, but not limited to the Speicher case, the Saqlawiya case, the mass killing cases that occurred in Jurf al-Sakhr and the areas around Baghdad, then the most recent incident of Balad not so long ago.

Here, the reader and those interested in Iraqi affairs find that the government uses the method of procrastination and distraction to kill important cases, so it begins by forming investigation committees and investigation committees from which other committees emerge and continue in this manner until people forget their core issues. This matter if something indicates the failure of this government. On the one hand, its loss of control and the imposition of its prestige on the other side, because for the government, Iraq and the Iraqi citizen have an oil well that only pours into the pockets of the corrupt, and the evidence for this is clear and abundant over the past 17 years.

here comes to mind a very important question: Who will pay the price for the blood of the martyrs that have been shed over the past two decades? Will those who set up a mourning tent in every Iraqi home escape accountability ?? If this happens, let us all know that there will be no list for us after that, because contentment with injustice is greater injustice than it.


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