Diyala between the hammer and the anvil (The second part)


We previously talked in the first part about the geographical location and its importance for Diyala Governorate, as well as the population diversity in it, which during the years preceding 2003 did not witness any sectarian or doctrinal disturbances, and in this part we will continue our talk about Diyala Governorate on several other axes.

– Since the monarchy era, Diyala has witnessed many border tensions due to its proximity to the Iraqi-Iranian border and the fact that it constitutes the most important strategic depth for the capital, Baghdad, as the distance from the Iranian border through Diyala to the heart of the capital does not exceed 150 kilometers, which made Diyala a real and important center of power. For successive Iraqi governments,
– For example, on the military level, the Third Division of the Iraqi Army has been based in Diyala since the monarchy, as well as the 16th Brigade and 20th Brigade, from which the (July 14 Revolution) was launched and was in Muqdadiya, the district that is exposed today to various attacks and forced displacement of its residents.
– During the Republican era, the military power of the Iraqi army developed, and Diyala had a large share of that force, as it became the headquarters of the Second Corps, backed by a special division of the Republican Guard, which was within the category of shields in addition to the air defense battalions, and perhaps this concentration of forces was one of the most important reasons for the security calm that This province witnessed before the year 2003, of course, and as we mentioned about the population diversity in the province, it witnessed during the Iran-Iraq war the displacement of a number of Kurdish residents in the areas adjacent to the borders, which happened mostly out of fear of loyalties and most of them are malicious charges from influential people in the authority, and in that area Many of the governorate’s villages and orchards were constantly bombarded during the Iran-Iraq war . During that period, many residents were displaced, leaving their villages behind, which became almost completely deserted. Unfortunately, during that period, the material losses of the people were not compensated and their rights and wealth were lost without guilt and here appears a clear failure of the government Then the direction of this matter
– As for the events that the country witnessed after the withdrawal from Kuwait, Diyala governorate did not record any disturbances, whether among the population or with the state during that period, which is due to the sheikhdom of the Bani Tamim clans, headed by the late Sheikh Rashid Mulla Jawad, where the Bani Tamim clans extended their full control over the The governorate and this situation continued until the state re-established its control over the various governorates.
– Result from all of the above, dear reader, is that for decades, Diyala governorate witnessed stability, calm and sustainability of various vital activities, especially agricultural ones, which constitute an important aspect of it without the slightest defect until the year 2003 and the start of Iranian interference through extremist organizations and overt militias alike and until this moment in an attempt to extend an ugly influence in this province, until today the situation has reached to emptying it of its residents!!!!!!

– In conclusion, the various governorates of Iraq today are witnessing what Diyala witnessed in varying proportions to some extent, amid a real loss of any meaning of the meanings of state and sovereignty and with an ugly global silence and cover


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