The United States and the powers of the new world..!


The United States of America represents the only pole in the world and the only superpower since the collapse of the Soviet Union, and the United States was able to harness this sovereignty to serve the interests of the supreme state in all fields, but at the expense of drawing a bad image of the United States in front of most of the nations of the third world countries, due to the flaw in which the policy was applied In these countries, the American (friendly) governments have done so. What happened and the evidence is many, and it needs many pages to list and analyze it in a way that can be used to avoid the catastrophe in the future.

In front of all this and that, there are countries with resources and capabilities that meet the aspirations of their leaders and people to compete with the United States in world sovereignty or to return to the policy of two poles or more, so many countries have managed to turn into strong and advanced countries in various sovereign fields in the world, making them the focus of attention of the third world countries to form new alliances , in an attempt to save them from the abyss they are heading to in light of the series of circumstances and events that the world has experienced during the past four decades, in addition to the ambiguity of the American position on these countries and the policy followed previously.

These countries have become important figures in the equation and cannot be neglected, in addition to their control over important joints in the world and important international crossroads and natural resources. The United States of America is alone without strong allies on whom it can truly depend in any upcoming confrontation, whether at the political, military or economic levels.

The question here remains, will the United States be able to maintain absolute sovereignty in the world??


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