Iraq and the upcoming elections between reality and fiction…!


Since the establishment of the modern Iraqi state, Iraq has gone through many major events and twists and turns that have changed and will change the features of this country rich in natural and human resources, and even the region. Everyone differs on it in terms of right and wrong, but no sane person disagrees that the biggest loser is the homeland and the citizen, and here we are at the gates of new elections, which will not change the reality of the homeland and the citizen except for the worse, because they are held under the same conditions and elements as those that preceded them, and perhaps they differ in terms and formalities only, and in return for the great reluctance of Iraqi citizens to participate in these elections because they are not convinced of their integrity.
In addition to other social and cultural reasons that require further discussion, we put before the reader some figures, some of them official and some of international organizations that we use to describe the Iraqi reality well, in the hope that whoever reads is aware and understands the magnitude of the catastrophe that the Iraqi citizen suffers from and the implications of what happened on the future, not only on Iraq, but also on the region and some large and powerful countries as well.
* Iraq’s budget during the past 18 years amounted to 1500 billion dollars.
* The amount of money smuggled from corrupt politicians amounted to 350 billion dollars during the past 18 years (according to the Parliamentary Integrity Committee), and the real numbers are much higher.
• The number of the unemployed reached 653 thousand people.
• 8 million widowed women in Iraq, according to the records of the Ministry of Women’s Affairs in Iraq.
• Reports indicate that there are 5 million illiterate people in Iraq
• More than 5 million Iraqis are among the refugees in the countries of the world, the camps, the displaced inside Iraq, and the disappeared whose fate is unknown.
• The systematic crushing of the national industry, which led to the Iraqi industry reaching its lowest point.
• As for agriculture in the land of Mesopotamia, it was subjected to systematic destruction, which led to the import of the simplest agricultural products to meet the local need.
• Migration of competencies abroad for reasons known to all.
They go and we stay…

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