Afghanistan, the seventh and final part…!


After long decades of occupation of the land of Afghanistan and a bloody fight against the invading forces and the fighting of the Afghan factions among themselves, the only payer for these taxes is the Afghan people, who have no sin except that they were born in this land, which has an important strategic location in Central Asia and contains within it a large amount of minerals important for the current industries and more important for future industries , and today, after the Taliban took control of the government in Afghanistan, the country is entering a new phase,with unknown future , and here we put in the hands of the honorable reader several questions that we will leave the answer open for the future to answer:

1- What is the Taliban movement’s vision for managing the country and its compatibility with the visions of regional and global powers regarding the country and their strategic interests?

2- Will Afghanistan become a new swamp for one of the regional or international powers to plunge into?

3- Will the Taliban benefit from its previous ruling experience before the US occupation, so as not to repeat mistakes?

4- Will the Taliban allow an acceptable area of freedom and be convinced that the application of Islam is not by force and coercion, but by the right invitation and good behavior?

5- Will we see an improvement in the living, service and educational reality that is destitute in most parts of the country?

6- What is the fate of more than a hundred thousand Afghan refugees who fled outside the country in very painful scenes that everyone witnessed?

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