Summary of the situation in Nasiriyah….!


Dhi Qar Governorate is located in the south of Iraq and its center is the city of Nasiriyah. This governorate has suffered from deterioration of services and neglect of developing the infrastructure, like all governorates of Iraq without exception, and it lacked the existence of development projects that raise the reality of this province, which has a population of 2 million and forty thousand according to the 2018 census,
Dhi Qar Governorate Council consists of 31 members representing the political blocs in the governorate divided into committees in which all members participate. These committees manage the annual budget of the governorate, which is allocated from the state’s general budget.
Today, the governorate is witnessing a great youth movement due to the deterioration and lack of basic services, not to mention the unemployment rate among young people.
The demonstrations in the governorate were not without a strong politicization attempt to direct their compass according to certain agendas in the interest of the political currents in the governorate to control the position of the governor and control the governorate budget, and the conflict intensified between the currents, especially with the largest budget in the history of the governorate for the year 2021, which amounts to a trillion and three hundred billion Iraqi Dinar
The Dhi Qarian citizen did not touch any impact on the level of services, health or education, as well as providing job opportunities for the wasted energies of its youth.
Certainly, after more than two years after the movement in the governorate, the youth in it have written the most wonderful examples for the whole world in terms of peace and the demand for the simplest rights that should be available to every citizen, and their slogans in this movement were not a specific party or a specific movement whose demand was and still is to obtain A decent life and deserving citizenship.
Efforts today are focused on trying to choose an agreed-upon governor and acceptable to the revolutionaries, and so far, no agreement has been reached on a person due to the attempt by the political blocs in the governorate to secretly control this position to achieve electoral gains through this huge budget and achieve financial gains. In this context, we remain unable to change the bad reality which we live in , whether in Dhi Qar or any other governorate or Iraqi city,

Some foreign and new matters can not be overlooked in the Iraqi scene in general and in Dhi Qar in particular, which is the presence of demonstrations contracters where some side or some party agrees with them about the number of demonstrators And the (tock tock) vehicles to go out in a certain demonstration, and the agreement reaches the point of agreeing about a clash with the security forces, and everything is at a price,
All that we go through today in all the provinces of the country is an inevitable result of bad performances by successive governments since the establishment of the monarchy in Iraq and to this day.
The question remains, how long will the Iraqi bloodshed continues futile, and its natural resources are stolen and wasted, the industry destroyed and the agriculture destroyed in the silence of the majority of youth due to their lack of awareness of the magnitude of the coming disaster in the country. !!!!


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