To His Holiness the Honorable Pope


I begin by choosing some of your lovely, wonderful speech

The pope :
“From this place began faith and monotheism from the land of our father Abraham.”

The pope :-
Faith brings us together, but terrorism and violence do not come from religion

The pope :-
Terrorism exploits religion and we must prevent anyone from using it as a cover

The pope :-
Many Yazidis died, and many Yazidis, especially children, were mistreated

The pope :-
We must respect freedom of religion, which is a fundamental right
The pope:
When terrorism attacked this country, it attacked part of history

The pope :-
Muslims and Christians worked together to lay the foundations for peace

And I begin my answer by saying: May the peace, mercy, and blessings of God be upon you. Praise be to God, Lord of the worlds, and prayers and peace be upon the Master of the Messengers and the last of the Prophets Muhammad, and upon his good and pure family and close companions.

Mister Pope
Did they tell you Did they inform you? America, with more than 30 declared countries and many other undeclared countries, and in cooperation with Iraqi agents and traitors, have profaned families, killed people, wronged the innocent, and destroyed people and stones in our Iraq, which you called the country of civilizations, the Iraq of history.

Mister Pope
Did they tell you Did they inform you? That who profaned our Christian brothers’ blood and honor, and plundered and stole their property and livelihoods in Mosul, are the criminals of ISIS, the bastards, the enemies of life, and this is absolutely true ???
But they did not tell you or teach you, and you did not ask them who displaced them, killed them, violated their honor, and robbed them of their money and livelihoods in the capital Baghdad and in the south, which ISIS criminals did not reach ??? If they remain silent about the answer, then ask my Christian brothers themselves those who have laid their way near you in the diaspora of the world.

Mister Pope
Did they tell you Did they inform you? Jurf al-Sakhr, Sulayman Bek, and dozens of villages have become cities removed from their inhabitants, some exploited by the wicked, and others have become homes for the owls and their people homeless and internally displaced within Iraq, whipped by the whips of poverty, need, humiliation and deprivation.
And those who left the country you can find them waiting in lines of the organizations asking for food for their families
Mister Pope
I salute you, I kiss you because you reminded the world of the tragedy and misfortune of our innocent Yezidi sisters at the hands of the criminals of ISIS, the bastards, the enemies of life.But did they tell you,did they inform you that thousands of the kidnaped and disappeared by force and innocent prisoners that we don’t know anything about them and their parents are suffering hard mental torture and got tired of longing nostalgia.

Mister Pope
Do you know ?? Did they inform you ? Corruption in our Iraq has become a big pyramid and an integrated system run by corrupted , failing criminals, and it is larger than the state and its foundations sits heavily upon honesty , conscience and religion.

Mister Pope
Did the scent of the blood of the innocent heroic youth of Nasiriyah penetrated your mask , when you passed by and sat in the Ziggurat Ur, and did you feel the souls of our martyrs in its sky
Mister Pope
While you are holding the mass with your followers in Mosul near you. There are hundreds of innocent bodies still under the rubble of ancient Mosul for 8 years, and there is also the beautiful ancient Al-Hadba lighthouse, which has been flattened to the ground.

Finally, Mister Pope
Believe me and I say it sincerely that most of those who shook hands and sat beside you are corrupt and enemies of humanity and peace, and if they are not what I said , let them take you in a simple tour to any neighborhood or alley in any inch of Iraq and you will witness with your eyes their lies and corruption and bloodiness and their masks will fall in front of you .


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