Nasiriyah and the youth people!


The popular movement has begun in the city of Nasiriyah since the start of the October Revolution against the political system in Iraq, because this system represents an icon of corruption that the world has never seen and a unique mismanagement of its kind in the whole world. In fact, and in short, the youth in Nasiriyah and as an integral part of Iraq went out with a peaceful demonstrations and protests demanding rights that have become a fantasy in the light of the presence of the party government in Baghdad. They protest to demand that they have a sovereign state, a state in which the first and last word go back to the law where the citizen enjoys the most basic rights, what happened then …?????

The demonstrators youth of Nasiriyah demanded what the young demonstrators demanded in various cities, which are the same demands of all the Iraqi people, who did not have the opportunity to go out in these demonstrations for several reasons, and they themselves suffer from unemployment and the lack of basic services at their lowest levels which is never compatible with the country’s capabilities that are not hidden to anyone and in conjunction with the approval of an explosive budgets over a period of 17 years, which we have not seen any reflection of it on the Iraqi reality at all levels, especially those related to the life of the citizen.
As for the demonstrations in particular, in which everyone witnessed their peacefulness, the demonstrators went out and in front of the whole world to confirm the peacefulness in the demonstrations despite the extreme cruelty and violence that were used by the militias that they try at every opportunity to replace the Iraqi security establishment, the militias killed and assassinated a large number of demonstrators ( in an attempt to silence every free and conscious youth who demanded for their rights publicly) by a groups of outlaws which they control the wealth of the citizens, and then, as usual, we did not see a single real statement on the ground, from the countries that sponsor and represent human rights despite the clear and proven evidence and despite the false accusations that they are trying to affix to demonstrators, day and night, at times they accuse them that they are funded and supported by regional and international countries and run by the embassies of those countries from inside Iraq to implement certain agendas, and at other times accusing them that they are Baathists, infiltrators and sons of embassies.
The youth of Nasiriyah, they continue until this moment to demand their most basic legitimate rights within the highest levels of awareness and culture, their demands are the same as the demands of young people in various cities of Iraq and all of them are convinced that there will be no government or regional or global powers on their side to achieve their goals. As for the desperate and miserable attempts which are trying to kill this spirit among the youth, they will definitely not be able to eliminate the youth force from extracting their rights through peaceful and civilized ways against everyone else.
In conclusion, the Iraqi youth know the fact that the security establishment, which we mean here, the “Iraqi National Army,” stands honorably with the demonstrators, and the fact that the youth constitute the most of this institution. the young people will not really forget that the army is the true honor and support for all the people of the country by all their sects, and here we do not speak in the name of the youth. Rather, we convey with impartial truth what youth affirms at every opportunity that permits.

The youth are the righteous sons of Iraq and they will remain so. They only know Iraq, as a country that does not have multiple nationalities and do not implement specific agendas. Therefore, all attempts by the government of corrupt parties and their militias to accuse them of these accusations have been failed.
At the end, a day will come, where Iraqi youth will see their civil and sovereign state in which everyone enjoys their rights as citizens of this land.


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