The popular mobilization and the brink of the abyss


After the terrorist organization ISIS controlled large parts of Iraq,especially in the Sunni provinces, these areas are considered to be one-third of the area of Iraq and has a strategic importance for Iraq and the countries of the region, because they are located within the areas of future plans for global and regional powers in the region, and here we leave the answer open. Was what happened in June 2014 A start for future plans? What do you think?

The Fatwa calls for everyone who can bear arms to volunteer to fight against ISIS, and based on that, the popular mobilization was established by an administrative order from the office of the Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to formalize the crowd as a backer of the Iraqi armed forces, which soon became stronger than the Iraqi army itself and most of its factions are of the sons of the Arab Shiites, despite the joining of some of the sons of Sunni Arabs and Christians as factions in the crowd.

The Iranian Revolutionary Guard, under the direct supervision of General Qassem Soleimani, trained and armed the Popular Mobilization Forces and was equipped with Iranian weapons, they have been equipped and trained to perform the tasks assigned to them in record time, in addition to Iranian military experts to lead the battles that it will fight later.

With ISIS threatening to enter Baghdad and some southern provinces with a Shiite majority, most of the Iraqi Shiite youth rushed to join the new formation for several reasons, including support for the doctrine and in response to the call of the religious authority, Ayatollah Sistani, and the support of tribal Sheikhs, which coincided with ISIS’s threats to march towards the Shiite areas that is considered to be holy to most Iraqis and not The Shiites only, and considering it as polytheist places in addition to the poor economic situation and the widespread unemployment among Iraqi youth in general, which is one of the causes of the systematic sabotage of the economy by striking the vital sectors that occupy a large group of young people such as agriculture and industry in addition to the loss of the Iraqi identity between the youths among the political rivalries inside Iraq and subservience to regional and international powers.

With regard to financing and armament, the Popular Mobilization Forces receive funding from several sources, including the religious authority and businessmen who have interests with the workforce in the Iraqi arena, in addition to an annual amount of money allocated within the central budget of the Iraqi state.

The Popular Mobilization Law was passed last November in the Iraqi Parliament by the coalition of the Shiite forces Amid the rejection of the representatives of the Sunni Forces Alliance, because of that, the Popular Mobilization Forces have become a subsidiary force for the Iraqi army that enjoys all rights, privileges and legal cover and is directly linked to the Commander Chief of the Armed Forces (the Prime Minister) who does not have any command over the Popular Mobilization Forces in reality, which prompted observers and analysts to believe that The Popular Mobilization Forces is a model similar to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, and the number of crowd formations reached 67 factions …. In the year 2019, a budget was allocated for the Popular Mobilization at a value of $ 2.17 billion from the central budget and the number of its affiliates is 128,000 people. Statistics and unannounced information indicate the double of this number. the Popular Mobilization Forces relied in its arming on the generous assistance from Iran, which included various types of light and medium weapons. This is in addition to a limited number of armored vehicles and old tanks, with extensive media support for the crowd.

The popular movement benefited from the Iranian and Iraqi experiences by reviving some heavy weapons for the former Iraqi army that were abandoned and neglected by Iraqi governments after 2003 in weapons cemeteries where they added local modifications and others purchased weapons from weapons factories in different countries of the world, so they had a development of T-55 tanks under the name of ALkafeel. The crowd also has an integrated intelligence apparatus to provide it with the required information …

The Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) formations are spread in many operational sectors and carry out operations to land surveying and chase ISIS remnants in addition to their control over sensitive areas inside Iraq and areas with enormous economic resources and their near-absolute control over the capital Baghdad. it is certain for everyone that some state militias have done a force displacement of residents of Iraqi regions, whose fate is not known to this day, in addition to the destruction of their cities as a result of the fighting that took place in their cities and their inability to receive the compensation allocated by the central government, except to a few cases, and the reason for that is financial and administrative corruption that spread in Iraq, Because of the political corruption of all components, without exception It is not a secret to the reader that there is a step taken under American supervision to eliminate the Popular Mobilization Forces and the militias that are hidden inside it or weaken them at the very least.
That started with the American raid in 3/1/2020, which targeted General Qassem Soleimani and Abu Mahdi Al-Muhandis, and that led to be killed and immediately Iran and the Popular Mobilization Forces received the strongest hit on the hierarchy of leadership, and the actual movers and planners for the popular mobilization, in addition to the successive statements of Kazemi, which he vowed to eliminate those who believe that they are stronger than the state and the owners of the fugitive weapons, in a clear reference to the state militias hidden within the PMF, the last of which is his visit to the headquarters of the Anti-Terrorism Service, which shows the readiness for an armed confrontation during the next few weeks, which will be the spearhead of the apparatus, it will be one of the most violent things that Iraq has witnessed since 2003.
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