Summary of the Iraqi situation…!


We see that the situation in Iraq is getting more complicated and escalating between Al-Kazemi’s government on one hand, and what they call the militias with external loyalty on the other, and every time the government tries to strike them, things turn in their favor and the government loses its dilapidated balance in front of everyone. Time after time, the government is losing its prestige if there is any prestige left .

We are approaching elections in the midst of a volcano that can explode at any second, and we see the meetings and visits between blocs, parties and personalities increasing and declaring favoritism for the countries in the region by spreading news in one way or another to show strength in front of the street and politicians serving the people in their service departments in a fake and meager way The rare of them, and in the midst of fears of fraud, which will surely happen as it happened previously, and the 2018 elections are the best evidence of this. The role of regional and international powers is not hidden from everyone, and all the problems we discussed previously indicate that the situation in Iraq is heading towards collapse and not in the right direction
The position of the October revolutionaries is clear from the elections and from the participating parties even before they happen, as they are the most conscious group today with regard to political games and poor plays that politicians and their parties play before the elections. Of course, the series of systematic assassinations of activists and young influencers continues amid shameful government silence in a miserable attempt to frighten Young people and limiting their opportunities to change the bitter reality experienced by the country over the past two decades.
As for the displaced, we are still today, and five years after the expulsion of the terrorist organization ISIS, the country faces a very important problem, which is the actual numbers of the displaced and their votes confiscated in the elections!!!

As for the Iranian nuclear agreement, Iraq will not be immune from the maneuvers that will be presented by both America and Iran on the ground. On the contrary, Iraq will be an open arena for presentations by both parties, and the result will be borne by the helpless Iraqi people.


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