Where is Iraq’s identity under the influence of political parties …!


There has been a lot of talk these days about the demographic change taking place in some Arab countries, especially in Iraq and Syria …. Let’s look at the demographic change that took place in Iraq first. …. That this change is not the first of its kind and it will not be the last, there are many examples from the world of demographic changes that have been imposed on a number of peoples and countries that have led to the extermination, and displacement of millions of people according to their political, national and religious dependencies. perhaps the first and greatest of these changes In this century, what happened in Iraq after the US occupation in 2003. this was done according to that the end justifies the means, given that such actions aim at the unlawful eviction of a group of individuals and residents from the land on which they reside a crime of war , Genocide and against humanity. where the beginning was what happened to Ahwaz, Iraq, which was subjected to a fierce campaign by Iran to erase it and eliminate its Muslim Arab identity …

– After the year 2003 and the assumption of power by politicians associated with many foreign agendas and regional states surrounding Iraq, the phenomenon of parties and organizations that bore sectarian names that spread during that period in Iraq, is only the most obvious form of demographic change. The pace of which intensified with the coming of sectarian parties to power in 2003, and the most important of which is that the Iranians bought lands and real estate and rented others near “the Shiite shrines, and the shrines of the pure imams, peace be upon them … successive governments in Iraq have been active in bringing in Iranian citizens and merchants pushing them to own real estate in The surroundings of places and areas with a sectarian dimension ….

– Then they began to expand these activities, revitalize urbanization in the vicinity of those places, carry out economic activities and create offices to attract these people, as many areas changed from one identity to another.

Here we would like to alert the reader that the matter is not a reminder of the abhorrent sectarianism that the Iraqi people of all sects have suffered from, but rather as a matter of drawing the people’s attention to one of the disasters that the political parties brought about during the past 17 years.

– The displacement was not the right of Sunnis or Shiites only, as Christians were pressured in the heart of the capital, Baghdad, Mosul, and many areas in Iraq, and they were forced out of the area, as well as the seizure of the houses whose residents left for one reason or another and others replaced them in The demographic change framework for the region. the demographics of entire cities have been changed to exploit poverty, ignorance, pressure, threats, killings, kidnappings, terrorism and many others with many attempts in different regions, especially the areas of northern Baghdad and the Baghdad belt, Latifiyah, Yusufiya and Jurf al-Sakhr, which have been completely displaced, destroyed, and established in them affiliation with the sectarian militias of various orientations, especially those with absolute loyalty to Iran ….

– The continued displacement of minorities in Iraq from their original areas, especially after the takeover of ISIS, threatens many risks, including health risks as a result of the displaced people living in places not suitable for human life, and psychological risks resulting from the extent of terror and fear that the displaced lived due to the oppression of ISIS elements, including With regard to the large numbers of children leaving school, in addition to the terrifying repercussions this has on peaceful coexistence and the future of Iraq as a whole.

– For the first time, we see in Iraq areas that have become from one spectrum, and other regions have become from the other spectrum, as if we are living in an era that has nothing to do with modernity. it is regrettable to find in the era of science, modernity and development the retreat of Iraqi society, which was one of the true models of coexistence and civil peace. Iraq was One of the first civilized societies in the Middle East region, and it included Muslims, Jews, Christians, Sabeans, Yazidis, Arabs, Kurds, Turkmen and so on. it may be true that there were problems from time to time, but the correct one is that the pattern of coexistence and acceptance of the other is prevalent, and the most prominent problem is the issue Kurdish, which has accompanied all the different systems of government in Iraq since its foundation …

– Some politicians calling for secession have supported the change in the demographics, because some provinces have come to include a single color from the Iraqi spectrum, such as Anbar and Mosul. this shows that the coexistence between the Iraqi components has become broken in favor of agendas and ideas that call for division, reject the other and defend the component not the homeland. The Kurds consider the “nationalities” the most benefiting from the demographic change, after they set their hands on many areas in the governorates of Salah al-Din, Diyala and Nineveh, in addition to their complete control of Kirkuk governorate after the tenth of last June, which may be preparatory matters for declaring the “Kurdish state … .

And for the Iraqi reader who is interested in the country and its future, talking about this matter may be found by some as a reminder of old wounds that exhausted the body of the Iraqi people for 17 years and the people suffered from them, but it must be mentioned so that the Iraqi people do not forget
What has made political parties and their agendas suffer for nearly two decades

Our condolences in everything that has happened and is happening is the awareness of the Iraqi youth who rejected sectarianism, their speakers and promoters, and took a serious stand in the face of this dirty project that sought to destroy the Iraqi fabric and destroy the identity of its citizens ….



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