Al-Hawl refugee camp is the upcoming rage ….!


Since “al-Hawl” camp became an isolation camp for the families of the so-called “Islamic State” fighters, it has become a safe haven for fleeing and detained women and children displaced from the lands occupied by the organization, after it was, for decades, a haven for Iraqi refugees in the wake of the Gulf War in 1991.

. In the 1990s, more than 15,000 Iraqi and Palestinian refugees fled to this camp, many of whom migrated to various parts of the world with the help of the United Nations.

However, after the emergence of the “Islamic State” organization in Syria and Iraq, the displacement movement became active again, especially from Mosul in northern Iraq, so that the camp once again filled with Iraqi refugees and displaced Syrians whose areas were affected by the ongoing war and carried over its capacity by weakening the camp originally accommodating 11,000 refugees as now it accommodates approximately 100 thousand refugees according to unofficial reports, as for official reports about 72 thousand refugees been surveyed, which made the camp turn into a free camp for recruiting fighters for organized crime, whether through the remnants of organization or the formation of a nucleus for a new organization of the number of young refugees and below They contain 40,000 people.

It is expected that within 10 years the number of refugees will increase to about 40,000 children in the camp that is approximately 10 times its capacity and suffers from the slowest elements of life.

It corresponds to the general interest of all states in the region. What about the fate of the camps that were established after the year 48? In some Arab countries, the vast majority have turned into densely populated cities nearly slums that lack proper infrastructure of electricity, water, sanitation, and a poor medical and educational reality. Nevertheless, many politicians, athletes, businessmen and those with higher degrees have been come from this world.

What if we provide the new generation of refugees with a correct environment trough several ways, the most important of which are:

1- Building a new camp close to the original one, or finding a suitable place to build it, dividing the camp into regions according to the nationalities of the refugees. Also making sure about the refugees ’sincerity regards their homeland.

2- Establishing an appropriate educational system.

3- Establishing an integrated health system.

4- Benefiting from the existing human energy and employing it in establishing productive projects which in turn will create an economic environment for this city.

In few words, establishing an acceptable structure for this city and creating a healthy environment for these people will only cost a very fraction of the sums spent on wars in the region during the past four decades only but will have better results for all countries in the region and countries with direct interests in the region because it is not fair to let them struggle with death, and let them alone if a change occurs.

If the refugees will be able to get out, the consequences of such a thing are well known The important question is, does America not know what is happening inside Al-Hawl camp as it is the real controller of the camp and under its supervision through the Syrian Democratic Forces?


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