The American plan to control the situation in Iraq


Since the end of the last year and the beginning of this year, and what led for either a correct and right things or not, including the assignment of Dr. Mustafa Al-Kazemi to form a government after several attempts. The government is coming up with a new faces and a new plans and trying to create hope in the spirit of the Iraqi people, which has reached a state of popular ferment that resulted in a great popular revolution that led to clashes and blood that has consequences for the coming years and crossed the red lines of the deep state in Iraq, which took its effects in a very large part in the interior of Iraq. The important slogans of this government are to move away from sectarian and partisan quotas and rely on competencies, and that has been proven through the Ministers of Interior and Defense. But in order to fulfill their promises, we are waiting for the assignment of the 7 ministries that have not agreed upon them yet. Is the aim of the inauguration of these two ministers is to gain the trust of the associates, give a spirit of hope, and rely on competent persons to control the security of the country from the insecurity in all its forms since 2003 to this day? And at the same time, to continue the financial corruption and the systematic process of sabotage and destruction that Iraq is subjected to? To whom all of this being served? Three important points in Al-Kadami’s speech in forming the government which are: 1- Improving the economic situation in Iraq: Iraq’s budget is absolutely dependent on oil exports, whose value decreased dramatically during the Corona pandemic, and Iraq’s oil revenues decreased from 6 billion dollars per month to 1.4 billion dollars per month, and these figures are according to a report prepared by CNBC, which will cause a great problem to Iraq, the most important of which is the payment of salaries for the government sector employees Not to mention the rampant corruption within the administrative system in Iraq, except for a few people. 2- Confining weapons in the hands of the government only. Achieving this point has two ways. Either the militias inside Iraq voluntarily hand over weapons to the government and this is not possible, or to do that by force to force the militias to surrender and hand over the weapons. The question here can the government face the consequences? even through strengthening the military and security system with competent leaders in their field?! 3- Working on fair and free elections in Iraq: this can’t be achieved unless achieving the two points above, returning the migrants and the displaced inside and outside the country, solving their basic problems, achieving real interests, and allowing everyone to participate in the elections. If America is not serious about ending Iranian influence in Iraq, it will not achieve any success for its plan in Iraq, and we wait for the coming days to show us what will happen. And it still needs to know an important fact: Is there really a strategic dispute between America and Iran?

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