Free lecturers in Iraq


Like other thorny files in the country, the file of free lecturers in Iraq is a dilemma produced by successive governments since 2003, as the problem emerged as a result of the patchwork solutions adopted by the official authorities, which do not address the deficiencies, but rather seek to cover it and procrastinate in finding solutions until another government comes and receives the file. This situation applies to all the thorny issues that have been pending since the first moment of the occupation of the country, which if indicated anything, indicates the lack of seriousness of all previous and current governments to advance the country in a real way. We return to our talk about the topic of free lecturers. During the past ten years, the Iraqi street witnessed many protests By the lecturers in protest against what they described as “and it is” unfairness against them and a blatant injustice to them with regard to fixing them with fixed teaching contracts and including them in the salary scale, as well as enabling them to obtain bank advances similar to the rest of the employees in the government sectors in the country and ending with raising their salaries, which are the lowest in the ladder of jobs in Country.

The year 2021 witnessed, in the first quarter of it, widespread protests by the lecturers, following the approval of the budget in Parliament, which did not include at that time any clause allowing the lecturers to be transferred from temporary contracts to permanent contracts. As a result, the Ministry of Education announced at the time the approval of the Cabinet to contract with The free lecturers and administrators working in the ministry, to the fact that the lecturers did not see the implementation of the decision on the ground. It is worth noting that there is a large segment of lecturers numbering 230 thousand lecturers whose service extends over ten years and they constitute a vital nerve in running the affairs of the Ministry of Education and advancing the educational process in country without the opportunity for permanent contract,

In the previous period, specifically in the last weeks of the year 2021, we witnessed a wave of strong protests in many governorates for the lecturers that witnessed in some areas road cuts and escalation by those concerned, which resulted in a decision by the Prime Minister to include the lecturers in the financial budget for the year 2022. The question remains: in a country that contains hundreds of thousands of aliens in military institutions, the crowd and other sectors, and salaries are paid to them in the billions, under the full view and hearing of all legal authorities and under the full auspices of the three presidencies, in which the same institutions are unable to issue a law that does justice to the lecturers who carry the highest message In existence, it is education, and perfection. It was said that if the cause appears, the hero of wonder, then there is no wonder after today from the state that the country has reached!!!!

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