Summary of the Iraqi situation


Today, Iraq is living in a state of political stagnation, or as it were, a charged stillness of the political atmosphere in the world
The country where the High Electoral Commission in Iraq announced on Tuesday the final results of the early parliamentary vote to elect a new parliament comprising 329 deputies,
In turn, the High Commission stated that the manual recount of votes resulted in a change in the results of only five seats, which increased the tension in the atmosphere between the competing blocs, especially within the Shiite house, which brings us back to the main point, which is the formation of a majority government, even if it is a government of technocrats, which the losing blocs reject when It has dangerous future consequences that threaten the existence of political blocs outside the government formation.

With regard to the largest bloc, Muqtada al-Sadr declared that the losing blocs should accept the situation as it is and not obstruct the diplomatic track of the political process, as he called it.

In fact, one of the most important things that cause the political blocs to really worry is the fear of the consequences of political miscarriage in the event that the largest bloc proceeds to form the government
And reopening the corruption files, which makes it almost impossible for the government to be formed without real clashes.

Today, the region in general, and Iraq in particular, is in a state of tension, especially with the quest to resume negotiations on the Iranian Nouri file and its repercussions on the region in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Yemen.
The Iraqi street today faces several crucial challenges, the most important of which is the settlement of the elections file and the fate of armed groups, leading to the critical economic situation.

With regard to the simple Iraqi citizen, the economic file is actually the most important for what the citizen has suffered over the past two decades, the file that if the government continues with its usual approach, the situation will continue to go for the worse. We face many critical economic files that need immediate treatment, but the continuing political rivalry between the blocs The implementation of foreign agendas will only make Iraq worse.
The question remains, how long will he continue to play on the wounds of the simple Iraqi citizen and deprive him of the most basic rights that he lacks????

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